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Team On Sunday, April 5, the Purple Roses will "KICKIT" in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer in memory of our beloved Lois M. DeBerry and Patricia “Pat” Wortham Yates. Our efforts and commitment to “kicking” pancreatic cancer is in memory of our beloved who had an invaluable impact on our lives and embodied throughout their lives, the true meaning of friendship. Two long time friends, Lady D and Pat, from their collegiate days and for life. Two ladies who inspired all of us and were heroines in their own way. We “Kick It” in the way they would expect and in their honor. We are committed and will lead in the fight to Kick Pancreatic Cancer. Our leaders are Carmichael Boyer a/k/a Granny's (Lady D) " 12-year old baby grand" & full of her lasting spirit and Stephen “Sky” Yates, Pat’s adoring and loving grandson. Please join us in "Kicking It" by joining

Donate to help Tish raise money for KOSTEN FOUNDATION KICK IT 5K’s fundraising campaign.